MyLaps Setup Instructions

There are a few steps required when first setting up the LiveLaps Results Display to be used with the MyLaps Race Timing System.

The setup is only required to be done the first time the software is run and then from that point on you will only need to Open the MyLaps Orbits Software and Click Connect on the Results Display.


Setup a Distribution Channel

  • Open the Orbits Race Timing Software.
  • Select the Distribution tab.
  • Click on Scoreboard Feed.
  • Ensure that "Enable Scoreboard Feed" is checked.
  • Take note of the IP Address & TCP/IP Port Number.
  • Click OK
  • Set Up the Results Display Connection

  • Open the ELS Results Display Software
  • Click the SETUP button
  • Enter your "Series or Track Name"
  • Select the type of track you are running.
  • In "Get Data From" select MyLaps - Orbits 4
  • Tick "Upload to Live Results Server"
  • In "Server Settings" Set the IP address to that of the PC running Orbits Software.
  • Set the "Port Number" to 50000. (or whatever you noted above)
  • Close Window (Settings will be saved automatically.
  • Connect to the Distribution Channel

  • Ensure that the MyLaps Orbits Software is running on the remote PC.
  • Click the CONNECT button.
  • NOTE: If an error message is shown,
        Check the IP address of the PC running the Orbits Software.
        Check the TCp/IP Port number in the Orbits Distribution tab.

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