Customizable Display

The main results display can be customized in a number of ways. You can select any or all of the information available as you require it. Font faces and sizes can be ajusted to ensure the best viewing experence.


Results Display Customization

Clicking the "Settings" button on the results display, opens the Display Settings screen. This allows you to select the race information you want displayed on the screen.

You can also select the Font Style and size that best suits your needs.

The race information that can be displayed includes:

  • Race Position.
  • Car Number.
  • Drivers Name.
  • Number of Laps Completed.
  • Last Recorded Lap Time
  • Fastest Recorded Lap Time
  • Time (gap) to the Lead Competitor
  • Time (gap) to the Next Competitor
  • Current Points
  • Vehicle On-Track Order
  • Large Lap Counter (laps completed)
  • For Customization of Online Results, CLICK HERE


    Video Overlay

    The Video Overlay page is designed to overlay results onto a video stream and output them to an external screen.

    It can display images, logos and race information in various formats. The Video overlay module is very much in Beta testing at the moment and we would be interested in hearing any feedback or suggestions you may have.

    Use THIS FORM to leave feedback or ask questions about this module.

    MyLaps Setup Instructions

    Step by step insrtuctions on how to connect to MyLaps Orbits Race Timing Software.

    Natsoft Setup Instructions

    Step by step insrtuctions on how to connect to Natsoft Race Timing Software.

    Fully Customizable

    Format the display any way you want. Show as much or as little information as you need. Adjust the text for ease of reading.

    Results Anywhere

    Add the Live Results to your own website. Display them on a big screen or view them on any mobile device.